Anchor of Hope Community Church in Stanwood, Washington

Welcome to AOHCC

Anchor of Hope Community Church is a down-home Christ-centered church and the folks are friendly! Our worship service is informal but structured, using both old hymns and new praise songs.

Sunday mornings we meet at 10:30am

Location: The Sons of Norway Hall in west Stanwood, next to Wells Fargo Bank, just off Highway 532.

We have Bible studies, sing-alongs, Life Groups, and potlucks. 
  • Where's your anchor? Do you feel as if you've slipped your moorings?  At Anchor of Hope,  you can learn how to anchor your life in the solid rock of God's Word.
  • Are the storms of life sometimes nearly overwhelming? At Anchor of Hope, you'll find spiritual and relational support to help keep you afloat.
  • Do you know where you're going? At Anchor of Hope, you can learn to chart your course with application of God’s revealed, unchanging truth to everyday living.

Worship at 10:30 a.m. Sunday

Coffee Fellowship and discussion to follow.
Join us at 9910-270th St. NW,
next to Wells Fargo Bank

*Permission has been given
to use the bank parking lot
during non-banking hours.
“Anchor of Hope Community Church is a small, but growing, fellowship with a family atmosphere.” --Marilyn

Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Russ Krause Pastor since 2014
Phone: 425-320-8273
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Mission

  • Reaching people everywhere with the message of hope,
  • Bringing them into God's family,
  • Building them up in Christ,
  • Training them for effective ministry and
  • Sending them out to fulfill our Lord's mission to build His church locally, nationally and internationally to the glory and praise of His name.

Sermon Library

Anchor of Hope Community Church

Anchor of Hope Community Church sermons
  • Prayer of Repentance (Audio)
    God gets our attention when we are in the worst situations. He did so when Jonah was in the belly of the fish. We need to know to go to God in prayer first when we have a difficult issue and not after we tried to resolve it on our own.
  • Effects of Salvation (Audio)
    What are the Effects of Salvation to the unbeliever we are talking or evangelising to?
  • Reflection (Audio)
    How we look at ourselves and our life. Do we reflect on our lives based on a mirror or how the world sees us. We have to reflect on all we do through the lens of the Word of God, the Bible.
  • The What of Evangelism (Audio)
    We talk about the "What" of evangelism. What do we tell people? We tell them the Gospel according to Jesus Christ. We do not make up the gospel, we only use the one true Word of God.
  • The Who, Where and Why of Evangelism (Audio)
    Jesus commissioned us to go out into the world and bring others to faith. Here we discuss the Who we are to reach out to, the Where we are to reach out to them, and Why should we.
  • Mars Hill, part 2 (Audio)
    We continue to discuss how Paul evangelizes to the Gentiles. Our evangelism must always be Biblical, focus on Jesus, presents the whole Gospel, and leaves the results in God's Hands. We do not convert people to faith, only the Holy Spirit can do...
  • Mars Hill (Audio)
    Pastor talks about Paul on his 2nd missionary journey to Athens. We talk about how Pauls used different methods to communicate the Gospel to different people groups, but the message never changes. We can use different techniques to get our message...
  • Bringing others to Faith, part 1 (Audio)
    The pastor will discuss what it means to bring others to faith. What does Luke teach us here and how to work with the unbelieving world out there.
  • Apostles Creed, Article II (Audio)
    The Pastor discusses what the second article of the Apostles Creed is all about.
  • Psalm 23 (Audio)
    The pastor will discuss Psalm 23.
  • Pentecost (Audio)
    We look at Acts 2:1-13 and how the day of Pentecost happened in the first century.
  • Is Jesus in your home? V (Audio)
    I discuss way Jesus can be invited into your home. Jesus seeks to be part of all aspects of your life and family, but you have to invite Him in.
  • Parents (Audio)
    What is the role of parents in a Christian home. We discuss raising up children in the church and disicpling.
  • Husbands & Wives (Audio)
    God's plan for our marriage is best, not the world's plan! We dig into God's instructions for our roles in our marriage. The world does not like God's plan, but we Christians know it's the best plan for a happy and healthy...
  • Mother's Day (Audio)
    Proverbs 31 puts the bar very high for the type of woman makes a great wife and mother. I discuss what a good mother is all about and that you do not have to achieve all the requirements of the Proverbs 31 woman.
  • Is Jesus Welcome in your home? (Audio)
    Are you prepared when Jesus wants to visit your home? Are you prepared all the time when someone visits you uninvited? Many times Jesus self-invited Himself into people's homes. We look at Mary and Martha and how they responded to Jesus...
  • Christ Crowns His Church (Audio)
    Smyrna was a church that was persecuted by the local Jews and the people of the city. We look at the ways the church then was persecuted and the way the Church is persecuted today. We are to look to Jesus first whenever we face difficult times and...
  • Surprise! (Audio)
    The surprise that the early Christians witnessed on the first Resurrection Day. The surprise of the open and empty tomb. The surprise of the two men in dazzling clothes.
  • The Body of Christ, part 2 (Audio)
    This sermon discusses the Body of Christ viewed from the inside and how Jesus used His body during His ministry on Earth. We look at His guts, bones, and lungs.
  • The Body of Christ, part 1 (Audio)
    If we ran into Jesus walking down the street or out shopping would He look or be different than everyone else. This sermon goes over the different parts of Jesus' body and how he used them and what we can learn by His example. Part 1 is about...
  • Profit Loss (Audio)
    What is your Profit Loss statement look like when it comes to your spiritual life and walk with Christ?
  • Now What? (Audio)
    After a Christian conversion many feel like Now What? When we pursue something for a long time and finally achieve it, we might think, Now What? Our faith and freedom in Christ should lead us to continually serve others out of love and not for...
  • Living by Grace (Audio)
    We live by Grace in Christ and not by good works. No matter how hard we try we cannot earn our way to Heaven or be Justified in God's eyes.
  • Gospel of Truth, part 2 (Audio)
    This sermon covers legalism and hypocrisy in the church.
  • Gospel of Truth, part 1 (Audio)
    This sermon covers the conversion of Paul and that the Gospel of Christ is not from man, but from God. We could not make up a Gospel like this.
  • Life (Audio)
    This was preached on Sanctity of Life Sunday. I wanted to make sure we all know that ALL children are a gift from God and that He has a plan for everyone of us. Abortion is not a simple elective procedure to be taken lightly. However, if a women...
  • Humility (Audio)
    In order to follow God's plan for our life we need to be humble and listen to His voice. Pride will only lead to failure and humble will lead to success.
  • Epiphany (Audio)
    The traditional church story of the Three Wise Men, is flawed and we need to get the correct story from the Scriptures. I will explain what Epiphany Sunday is and what it means for us modern Christians.
  • The Virgins Great Son (Audio)
    This sermon tells the story of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus. I focus on how God uses barren women to accomplish great things, but accomplished an even greater miracle by having a virgin get pregnant and give birth.
  • Impact of Gratitude (Audio)
    A sermon on thanksgiving, and gratitude towards our fellow humans.